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                  【导读】湖南成考网整理了一些关于学士学位试题及你可知道我對你是多么答案,为了方便考吼生考生,下面Ψ 一起来看一下吧!


                  1. With the _______of Mary, all the girl students are eager to go to the party.

                  A. exhibition B. exception C. except D. reception

                  2. Although the trffic is not busy, he likes to drive at a _______ speed.

                  A. spare B. fast C. moderate D. moral

                  3. All the memories of his childhood had _______ from his mind by the time he was 65.

                  A. faded B. illustrated C. comfined D. concerned

                  4. This river is so big that it is impossible to build a _______ under it without modern technology.

                  A. canal B. tunnel C. channel D. cable

                  5. The _______ is nearly dead , so I can not start the car again.

                  A. bean B. beam C. bake D. battery

                  6. When making modern cameras , people began to _______ plastics for metal.

                  A. surround B. substance C. stretch D. substitute

                  7. With the help of the government , a large number of people -- _______ after the flood in 1991.

                  A. survived B. suspended C. suffered D. subfected

                  8. He always has a lot of _______ ideas in his mind, and sometimes we do not even know what he is thinding about.

                  A. novel B. spoil C. acceptable D. additional

                  9. Please be serious. I am not _______. You should consider it carefully.

                  A. sorting B. joking C. counting D. comparing

                  10. We do not have a _______ school in our institute. The highest degree we provide for the students is a B. A. and a B. S. .

                  A. continue B. bay C. assistance D. graduate

                  11. In the United States, the foreign policy is decided by the ________ government, not by each state.

                  A. federal B. figure C. scientific D. service

                  12. He works in our university as a visiting _______, not as a formal faculty member.

                  A. traditional B. scholar C. nurse D. pilot

                  13. When you fill in the application form, please use your _______ address so that we can contact you easily later.

                  A. policy B.plain C.permanent D.principal

                  14. John _______ to be a polite man. But in fact he is very rude.

                  A. pretends B. assures C. affords D. melts

                  15. We can not trust him any more because he often ________ his duty.

                  A. owes B. spoils C. deserts D. neglects

                  16. In order to increase our output, we need to import more production _______.

                  A. facilities B.hens C.votes D.artists

                  17. When a spacecraft travels, one of the major problems is reentry into the Earth’s _______.

                  A. surface B. atmosphere C. attitude D. bent

                  18. This river forms a natural _______ between China and Korea.

                  A. boundary B. string C. spot D. zone

                  19. She is already 16years old. But she _______as if she were still a little girl.

                  A. believes B. absorbs C. accrses D. behaves

                  20. We are _______ at the rapid progress Mark has made in this semester.

                  A. distinguished B. annoyed C. astonished D. scored

                  参考答案:1. B 2. C 3. A 4. B 5. D 6. D 7. A 8. A 9. B 10. D 11. A 12. B 13. C 14. A 15. D 16.A 17. B 18.A 19.D 20.C





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